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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-730-3410

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One of the things that I feel like you guys should know about me is that I'm terribly perceptive. I mean, I can't read your minds or anything, but when I ask you something like how big your dick is, I know what you really mean when you stutter and stumble around for a few seconds before mumbling something like "It's about average, Princess" or whatever.

You see, what that indicates to me is that you've got a teeny-tiny one and are probably up for some small penis humiliation, but you haven't quite accepted that fact yet. You desperately want it, but you just haven't gotten past your trepidation over the whole thing yet.

Of course, your cock size isn't the only thing I'm perceptive about. I know what your answers to most of my questions mean. You know, questions like "How long does it take you to get hard?" Or "how long can you STAY hard?" Or "Oh, my God, please tell me you're not still a virgin!!!"

Ok, yes, I know that 1st one wasn't actually a question. Still, I know what your response means. I can read between the lines like a pro. And I know exactly how to laugh at you and humiliate you for those answers (or lack thereof)...and how to pull more humiliating secrets out of you and use those against you as well.

It's a talent, and it's one I plan on using over and over again. Want me to show you what I mean?